Jan 11, 2023Liked by Kent Beck

Something interesting strikes me when I read:

"It can be difficult to see how to de-couple elements. Increasing cohesion, on the other hand, is easier to imagine."

Even if the two practices are the same, I.E. de-coupling and increase cohesion (I'm not saying they are but even if the were), there is a difference in direction. We de-couple away from something, almost fleeing from something. We increase towards something, cohesion.

As people we tend to work better going towards a goal than away from something. So it makes sense on a deeper psychological level as well that it's easier to increase cohesion than to de-couple.

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I'm not thinking about cohesion. Or coupling. Or decoupling. My first concern is (single) responsibility. Inside a responsibility I get cohesion. By separating responsibilities I get decoupling.

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