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Particularly nice. I recall a riff you once played for me, the guitar bit from Never Goin Back Again, which sounds to me like it would take four hands to play it. It was a thrill to see you making it happen. For me, a real connection.

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Just read this now and coincidentally I told my team today that we need to do better at writing test code so we can improve our our own lives. Plus we'd become a more productive team, and not work as hard to read, write, and change code including tests. And, of course, we would avoid some of the defects that slip through.

Recommended a BDD-style approach. My main points about using BDD:

1) We verify and refine requirements up front.

2) We end up with a better design (because we approach it from the outside in).

3) We get more readable tests because we focus on the test cases first.

Pull-based thinking...start at the end and work your way backwards.

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can you clarify how you went from "the haunting feeling that you need to be better" to getting on meetings early to play for others?

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