The next few posts will be a bit of a wander. I promise we will get back to software design with new tools for thinking about our fundamental dictum: software design is an exercise in human relationships. CEO: I take full responsibility for these layoffs.
When I built my dream house (long, sad story), there came a day when we started moving out of our trailer & into the house. We moved all the important…
Big Goals, Panic, & Little Tricks
Why Fooling Around Is A Core Design Skill
Software design is truly an exercise in human relationships
At first, programming is just programming. You think of a thing. You make the computer do it. 🎉 After a while, you notice that not all programming is…
Team Empirical Software Design
And with that you are prepared to answer the question Tidy First? Over & over. Each time slightly different but each time affected by the same forces…
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Software Design: Tidy First?